Friday, July 17, 2009

Whistle For The Choir Parody.

This is the original song by The Fratellis.

I wrote this parody version just for fun. Here it goes.

Yes It's You...r Sister.

Well it's a big big city with all that big structures,
Oh she's too pretty, talking 'bout your sister,
Is it out of line if I were simply bold to ask a pic of her?

And when she put that smile I know I'm not all right,
And I just can't feel the beat of my heart,
It was 3 o'clock, the time, when she was on your skype that night.

And I wish it's not true, that you want a BMW,
Oh you're a silly girl, you know I'm hurt, I just don't think
that I can buy all three,
She knows me, she doesn't even know me,
And I don't lie, yes I, she caught my eye,
A girl like her is just irresistible

Well it's a small small city in which you live in,
I know my friend tried to burn her kitchen,
And I must confess, my hearts are broken pieces,
When her head's a mess,
And it's 4 in the morning, when I'm changing the lyrics,
It's not quite easy but I have the spirit,
And it's you, woo hoo,
That's got me going crazy for the BMW.

And it's really cruel, why'd you ask for BMW?
Oh you're a silly girl, you know I'm hurt, I just don't think
that I can buy all three,
She knows me, you don't want her to meet me,
And I don't lie, yes I, she caught my eye
But her sister is unbelievable.

But you're so demanding, to ask such expensive gifting,
Oh my sister to be, oh me, when you, demand,
I die, you smile, you ask, I cry,
And only, if I have that much money,
Then I don't care, I will buy you BMW,
Even a rocket's still affordable.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This One Isn't Called MySpace.

Bukan pasal lagu 'MySpace' Pia Zahari.

Tapi bunyi dari rumah.

Aku suka lagu "Aku mahu tidur". Sempoi.

*Masa aku sekolah rendah dulu budak-budak selalu ejek nama datuk orang. Aku pun ikut sekali. Aku ingat nama datuk budak perempuan kelas aku; Pachik Irisamy Philhawara. Sekali dengan nama moyang dia. Tapi aku lupa nama budak perempuan tu.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alien On The Earth #4 ( Summer and Winter )

Last winter, I didn't take a bath. Not "not at all", but it's like once per two or three days. I didn't have serious problem regarding bad body odour, that the thing is, I smell rather good (self proclaimed), even if I don't take a bath, in winter (have to emphasize on winter because this-not-bathing season only goes well with that season).

There's a saying in Malay, that goes, "Malang tidak berbau".

Summer begins and because it can be quite hot sometimes, I now bathe myself 2-3 times a day, except for weekends, that I love lazing around doing nothing, and shower 2-3 times a day, is way too much for me as I always sit on my sofa with my new ventilator on, and I have never been sweating too much for quite a long period (I have no activity partners here, it's not that I'm a geek. Ulm sucks). Last time I was poured off with sweat was when I played paintball, in early May.

I can be rather unfortunate sometimes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Eight Pounds! Say Whaa?

Ben now has grown big.

I traveled to London last month. So to start off we (there were 7-8 other friends) arrived at Stansted Airport in the evening. Stansted is not really in the middle of London that it take almost an hour if I'm not mistaken, to reach the city center. We decided to rent a house just for the stay in London because it was cheaper that way. We found one in West Ham on the Internet. The owner of the house said that if we wanted to rent, we just had to be there before 9pm or so on the day of our arrival. It was getting late, and since this was our first trip on our own, we had no clue. We tried asking for information, from the tourist center and from anyone we can find.

Well it was London we're talking about. Being here is like a sweet spring escape due to the fact that we will not be using German for like a week or two. To make short story even shorter we really had problem with communication ever since we tried to settle down in Germany.

"Why the fish the Germans didn't use English at the first place?" I know most of us must have once thought like that.



I'm actually pausing just now. But with picture.

There was this situation, I asked the man at the counter about the price we must pay for the bus ride, he replied, kinda sound like this, "aigh pounds."

What he just said, the sound wasn't very familiar to my ear. Was that English? Nothing near what we usually heard. It was with accent.

Later I learned it was eight pounds.

** I may look like I'm super good at maths with all that symbols I used, but frankly, that's all I know!