Monday, January 26, 2009

Word of Advice.

When I was offered to study in Germany two and a half years ago, grandma had started reminding me, who said malay girls were not gorgeous, not admirable and not adoreable??? (siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan, tak menarik hati, tiada memikat).

She actually didn't want me to bring a Matsaleh girl, or worst, a Matsaleh wife home as she claimed communication would be hard for her. She didn't know I had to suffer my two-and-a-half-years preparation program in Malaysia, and needed to work really hard just to step my foot in Germany.

Dad was very good in playing his role to keep his mother more worried about me by telling his imaginative joke, like other villagers will hide to peep in the bush nearby while my Matsaleh wife is jogging with only a tight short and t-shirt on around the village or sunbathing at the nearby beach in her bikini.

And everytime when I went visiting her house in previous two and a half years time, she kept repeating her advice, and dad would add some new absurd points, which I couldn't remember them pretty well, except one when dad asked grandma to sacrifice her backyard to dig up a swimming pool just for her imaginary Matsaleh granddaughter-in-law, so that my wife didn't have to go to beach anymore to sunbath. Then she would become more and more worried.

Now that I'm even more close to Germany, I never tell grandma that deep inside me, eventhough I don't really like Mawi, I sing too. And I believe.

Very Malay at mind, but rebellious at heart.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Puzzle.

Long enough for your continuous fear,
to long for the hope to be near.

For the joy we feel bad,
for your sorrow we too are sad,
but never to deny our meeting,
never to forget our bonding.

We sure live a life of puzzle,
the puzzle we can never hustle,
cannot hustle to control the fate,
why we meet and we separate.

But the future is of many lanes,
the lanes are of pleasures and pains,
I wish that in the same lane,
that we will meet, again.