Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Decision For Dummy Danny.

What if I were given only one chance to change everything, will I be considered as running away from what you have so far? Will I be the thankless?

Only one chance.

You don't know what will happen next, if you stay. But what about the alternative path? We don't know either.

Oh, I hate it for not trying. But I seriously don't like changes.

I maybe play dead. Sit around and watch everything works as it is. I maybe feel awful at first but it'll get better soon.

And oh, the poem 'the road not taken' never had brought so much meaning before.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thousand Excuses.

I used to give up with friendship.

They pretended to be just nice before our eyes and they acted the other way round behind us.

I thought the world would be better on my own, when no trust you gave no pain you received.

But later on, I found everywhere there was hatred, and doubt. It was not because of the people, it was because the barrier I placed inside. It was terrible. I forgot how to love, and be loved. I forgot how to talk, and please others. Show respect and you'll get the same.

I forgot how to open the heart.

I notice not everyone is the same. Some are loveable, and some are just like the previous me. We people live among each other. I try to blend inside. There's so much I've done. But no you better not think you can always apply the reverse gear when you drive falsely. Such thing isn't feasible. You'll find out the best you can do is to slow down.

What you want to do you have to be ready for the consequences. There's action. And there's reaction. It's physics.

That's why we learn history.