Monday, April 27, 2009

Because I'm Not A Good Son. (Part 1)

Sigh..I've been told that mom expects to read updates in my blog more often. Tell her about what's going on, what am I doing, which are not my stuff. I think she has misunderstood me for having a web log. Plus, I'm not expecting her as one of the readers. Sorry though, for not calling home for quite some time. I'm having problem with this laptop. Tell her, should she wait some more, I'll make it worth the wait. So mom, here's your update.

Because I slept at eleven and woke up at 6 the next morning for when I had just arrived in Germany, my friend asked, "why don't you have jet lag like the others?" Oh, do I? Yeah, that sounds like it.

At first I kind of agreed.

I thought my bad habit I had in Malaysia (sleep at day, wake up for the whole night) was long gone, maybe because my motivation was stronger.

Until recently I was believing it that my motivation level was higher.

Now I'm back with my old habit. It comes clear that I do have jet lag before. Bad huh? Yea I can hear you babble now, but you can be happy that I haven't change so much.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sharing Is Caring? Think Again.

For some reasons, for me, friends and mates bring a lot of differences in meaning. I write about this later, for now I'm referring everyone I know as friends.

I used to live in different places, meet different kind of people with different mentality, and be far away from home for quite a time. I was brought up that way, by the environment, and by my own thought of judging things.

I met a lot of friends too, from schools, college, everywhere.

There's a situation which I'm pretty sure it's not just me who have experienced it before.

I met up with my ex-school mate X that brought another friend Y, whom X knew from his course, along, to watch movie together. I had never met Y before, so it was my first time. We talked but then X and Y laughed over something they used to talk in class, which I didn't find it funny, or even understandable. It popped in mind, "W.T.F. (optional)?Am I missing something here? They're better not making fun of me." Then I faked a smile, looked stupid though.

I call it, whatever it was they talked about, jargon, when one doesn't understand the terms the other groups use, and yes the terms can sometimes be in your own language. And you don't have to be a professional to make one.

No matter what the jargon is I don't bother to understand. They have something they share (sounds gay huh?).

It will turn out just the same for Y, if A and me laughed over our high school friend Z.

Err.. fuck it, it's too complicated to be explained. X and I might have our lame jokes together back then in high school, and as Y wasn't in our group, Y will not understand the jokes. As for college friend X and Y, I am now excluded from their group. Together, we have to form another group, other than that "high school group" or "college group", maybe something like "movie group". So when we discuss about the movie we watch, X, Y, and I will all resonance to one another.

I prefer what happen in one group to stay in that group. It's something that you and that particular group share.

You don't go out and discuss about how good is your sex with your wife, or how bad it is. You don't offer them, "Here, try my wife, then you'll understand how our marriage life is like."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Small Town, Big Town.

You may be living in a small town. There may be no club or cinema.
You may be cursing when you have to travel far to another big town just to find several shops that sell something which is not available in your place.
You may be saying then your place is boring.

There are others, they may be living in the big town.
They may be bragging about their place: interesting, whatever.

For me, a place is not yet considered boring, unless the people around you are.