Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(Nothing of Interest)

What should I do,
to make you smile?
I am no fun as a stupid clown,
Should I take you out to town?

How do I say it?
Just put a nice smile,
on that lovely face of yours,
You will feel all better because,

You're stronger than what you know,
It's stupid I know, what they'll say,
It's today or tomorrow,
There will surely come your day.

Don't be all sad,
There's nothing you want to regret,
Oh yes I know,
Maybe I don't even know,

How you feel right now,
Or maybe I just somehow,
Talk way too much,
It's because, you're a nonesuch,

You're stronger than what you know,
You'll get over it, or so they say,
Don't be surrounded by the sorrow,
Because when you do that, the sky turns grey.