Monday, June 22, 2009

Because I'm Not A Good Son. (Part 2 - Sleeping Beauty)

I remembered my old friend from my class when I was in boarding school, Hafiz whose brain so smart he could memorize everything inside the chemistry text book, all that little details; important or not, including that "do you know that?" part at every page. He slept every time there was a chance. Like when there was a ten minute gap between the block, he will sleep. I wonder what's he doing right now. Sleeping I suppose.

Oh and there was Hakim, that guy was levels higher he slept after class ended, I mean at 2pm, and woke up the next day morning and went to school again.

Do you know that lately I've been sleeping all day and waking up all night?

(Silence, no slight response of shock, like it is nothing new.)

Go on reddude (not redtube). Ask anything.

Question 1- What is your bedtime?
My regular sleep pattern starts at 7 or 8 am and ends at 1 or 2 pm. ("Really...?") Okay, I bluff. I wake up at 3 or 4 pm. At first I kinda thought I was nocturnal, but I notice that even if I sleep early the night before, I end up sleeping in the afternoon.

Question 2- Since when do you...err...what should I say
Oh. I know what you mean. I remembered when I was a child, mama used to train me and other siblings to have an afternoon nap. A rebellious kid I was (and I am), I opposed that idea. She said it was good for health. I stopped just there, no intention of debating (despite that rebellious fact I was actually afraid). But at first I pretended to sleep. Not always did I pretend because if I got caught she will boil up and began attacking me, which I mean, verbally, or babbling (don't underestimate her fighting skill). Later on I figured out myself using my mind of judging things that the actual reason she wanted us to sleep was because we were so annoying that she couldn't concentrate doing her work.
("('-.-) but...that's not what I wanna ask...")

Question 3- Did someone want you to change?
Err...not sure but I know mama does. There was a time when I was in high school, mama was really pissed at my sister and I because we slept a lot during every afternoon. She did expect us to clean up the mess in the house or to help her out in the kitchen but we were sound asleep, in front of the t.v. If she was in mtv show "boiling up", she will not get that 100bucks because she had used her combat ability, and she told us we will be useless if we kept on like this. I took that advice seriously, but not until sister whispered to me, "Bla bla bla. It's her fault anyway." I'm kinda guy that lose concentration and forget my motivation so easily.

Question 4- Any last word?
If there's another reason I enjoy waking up at night, I'll say it's because it always rains at night, at that smell of the rain somehow reminds me of home. I love that kind of moment.
("What's with that proud face! He thinks he just said the coolest thing??")

Last thing I remembered about that late night show was chairs, were flying, in a same direction. Never once knew about flying chair before.